Azal History

Azal University for Human Development started its journey in 2008. It introduced rare and important programs such as Bachelor of physiotherapy, Bachelor of Special Education (for talented and disabled) and Bachelor of midwifery.

Azal University for Human Development continued over the past five years serving dozens of students trying to manage all problems such as of the scarcity of human and material resources and lack of awareness of the community. We were all sure that many qualified staff will graduate in the field of health. There is no secret to anyone that Yemen is one of the most countries in the world suffering from the problem of maternal mortality, and how the consideration of the community of the disabled .. What his fate economically and socially if he do not find the help and care of community.

At the beginning of the academic year 2013 2014, Azal University for Human Development started a new journey with great expanding academically and administratively, where various mature convictions, investments and visions met together to develop this institution and show Azal University for Human Development in a new guise and to be the best higher education institution in Yemen, to continue its humanitarian mission and play a leading role in the establishment of new programs in a market of Yemen. We established at the University of Azal for Human Development various faculties such as the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and the Faculty of administrative and Financial Sciences. In addition, the university offers various programs in anesthesiology, radiology, electronic commerce; human resource management and logistics management and we pay attention to develop traditional programs in pharmacy and laboratory components of molecular medicine, information technology and marketing pharmaceuticals. Also we provided our students the opportunity to study English language and to develop their communication skills at Waterford English and training Academy.
Azal University for Human Development provided for its students many qualified academic staff in various disciplines in order to develop and prepare qualified students for Yemeni market.

In conclusion
In conclusion, Azal University for Human Development decides to establish Azal University foundation year program. It considers the first program in Yemen. The duration of this program is eight months. The students can get intensive courses in English as well as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, computer skills and human development. We hope through this program that we have contributed to a large extent in improving the input of university education and we have prepared for university.

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