Waterford English and Training Academy

A specialized academy which not only provides quality English language training but also delivers advanced internal and external teacher training, making it the first education institution in the country which seriously addresses English (as a second) language quality as follows:

1.    A 10-week Advanced and Intensive English Teacher Training course as follows:
•    50 hours of theoretical/classroom training
•    A course content reflecting the best international best practice in this profession
2.    Special private school teacher training courses targeting:
a.    English language teachers (300 hours) of teaching skills and methodology
b.    Math and science teachers (500 hours of English language proficiency qualification +250 hours of subject –based methodology and teaching skills)
Ensuring these teachers deliver quality education with their schools/communities.

Waterford also has a project aimed at raising the capacity of Ministry of Education English language inspectors, quality standards are communicated and enforced.  

Specialized  English courses covering a number of professions, including:  
•    Professional reporting writing and business correspondence
•    Design and preparation of development and humanitarian projects aimed at securing external/internal donor funding; this course also covers financial accountability and project status,  monitoring, quality progress reporting  
•    English for medicine and pharmacology
•    Business and finance English (several levels)
•    English for Aviation